The 5 Phases of a custom Installation


  • Design & engineering phase
    We will establish the exact nature of your project through site visits and meetings, before we begin designing your custom integrated system. Our engineering team will provide diagrams and conduit plans to be used by our technicians to install and service your system more efficiently.


  • Project manager phase
    Once your system has been designed, a project manager will coordinate with the architect, general contractor, interior designer and electrician. The project manager will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating the installation staff and making sure your equipment is delivered on time.


  • Pre-wire phase
    In the pre-wire stage, all of the hidden wiring that forms the important infrastructure of your system is run inside the walls through conduits before everything is closed in by plasterers, in accordance with the drawing provided in the previous stage.


  • Completion phase
    Once the pre-wire phase has finished, the installers return during the finish-out stage to install the hardware (TVs, speakers, receivers etc.) that will be connected by the hidden wiring.


  • Final phase
    Installing your equipment is only part of the completion of your system. A new generation of touch panels / Beo 4 & 5 remotes from Bang & Olufsen has revolutionised and simplified system operations. This phase is where the installation will be personalised by our programmers to your specific requirements. We will then teach you how to operate and obtain the maximum enjoyment from your system.