See and Touch - Custom Installation

The 5 Phases of a custom Installation

  • Design & engineering phase
    We will establish the exact nature of your project through site visits and meetings, before we begin designing your custom integrated system. Our engineering team will provide diagrams and conduit plans to be used by our technicians to install and service your system more efficiently.


  • Project manager phase
    Once your system has been designed, a project manager will coordinate with the architect, general contractor, interior designer and electrician. The project manager will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating the installation staff and making sure your equipment is delivered on time.


  • Pre-wire phase
    In the pre-wire stage, all of the hidden wiring that forms the important infrastructure of your system is run inside the walls through conduits before everything is closed in by plasterers, in accordance with the drawing provided in the previous stage.


  • Completion phase
    Once the pre-wire phase has finished, the installers return during the finish-out stage to install the hardware (TVs, speakers, receivers etc.) that will be connected by the hidden wiring.


  • Final phase
    Installing your equipment is only part of the completion of your system. A new generation of touch panels / Beo 4 & 5 remotes from Bang & Olufsen has revolutionised and simplified system operations. This phase is where the installation will be personalised by our programmers to your specific requirements. We will then teach you how to operate and obtain the maximum enjoyment from your system.
See and Touch - Custom Installation
See & Touch Marbella


Fill your home with music, videos or even the sound of your voice by the touch of a button.
Our intuitive Multi Room systems provide entertainment for every interior or exterior spaces in your home, enabling streaming of audio/video from a central hub with no reduction on performance. Multi -room range now include wireless speakers, invisible or customized speakers, , Av receivers, stereo amplifiers, network stream and smart TVs.
As part of our customized services, our technical team will work with you, your architect or interior designer to integrate all your audio/video without altering your decoration.


Whether you want to start a new music system from scratch or upgrade an existing hi-fi set up, multi-room means adding one or various wired or wireless speakers to your home.
These then communicate with each other and can be controlled by an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can then create different spaces of music and either with the same track in unison or play different music in different spaces. You can stream music from Spotify, Apple music, Tidal or your own NAS storage device.


Share your entire movie library streaming video, TV series, satellite channels in every room -no need for set up boxes and multiple video sources- without no loss of visual quality.
Tv distribution runs hand to hand with audio and allows easy access to the multiple sources.
Consolidate all of your audio and video equipment into a closet, creating a clutter free installation.

See & Touch Marbella
See & Touch Marbella


Home automation is all about the comfort, convenience savings and security … like with TV remotes, once you have it, you can’t imagine life without it.

From Lighting Control, Multi-Room Audio and High Definition Video Distribution to Security Integration, irrigation, Heating controls and anything that a passionate of control would like to manage. Available for both Homes and Comercial.

According on homeowners demands and budget the Invisible technology team will help to choose the right system.

Lutron for those who never want to walk from room to room to adjust drapes and lights, enjoy different lighting sceneries, want to save in electricity bills and enhance security in their home.

Control 4 has a number of affordable yet elegant solutions that are perfect for those who are just starting to get into home automation.

Creston for those who demand a complete integrated solution controlling everything from audio video, lights, drapes, thermostats, sprinklers/fountains.

See & Touch Marbella
See & Touch Marbella


Are you a movie cinephile, a football fanatic, a gaming player, a concert lover?

The big screen is your magic solution to enjoy them at the most.
Today´s projectors are brighter, more colorful and more accurate. Screens adapt to all formats 16×9, cinemascope and can occupy most of your field of vision. Built in speakers, high end or customized speakers will perform to take you to another dimension. Add special lighting and seating and your experience will be astonishing.

Our extensive range of home cinema systems include cutting edge video technology such as the ultra-sleek Sony projectors invisible when not in use and part of an entire house integration or as a stand-alone project with many of our customers converting loft spaces, dining rooms, basement or even outdoor terraces into stylish theaters.

See & Touch Marbella
See & Touch Marbella



An advanced lighting control system provides increased security for your property. If you´re away, lights in each room can execute pre-programmed scenes to simulate activity in your home; and when Alarm system goes off due to intrusion, all lights turn on. A major benefit of lighting control systems is reduced energy consumption. Longer lamp life is also gained when dimming and switching off lights when not in use.

See & Touch Marbella